Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Mississauga Dental Implants – Functional & Cosmetic Restorations – Teeth Replacement Options

At Erinwood Dental, we have many reasons to be enthusiastic about dental implants. Unlike other restorations such as traditional dentures, dental implants are permanently affixed. Being permanent affords them a stability, function, and comfort traditional restorations lack. Dental implants are made to last for a lifetime, making them more cost-effective over time. Dental implants brighten smiles, restore functionality and return confidence to our patients. Our dentists can provide both the placement and restoration for dental implants in Mississauga.

Implant Innovation

We are fully equipped to provide comprehensive full-mouth restorations for our patients using modern, affordable dental implant technology. Whether you’re 19 years old and have lost a tooth in a hockey game or are 91 years old and in need of a fully restored smile, Erinwood Dental will craft a customized implant based solution to meet your needs.

Implant-supported lower dentures – The tendency of traditional partial dentures to constantly harass and abrade soft lower gum tissue is one of the chief complaints among denture-wearing patients. Implant-supported partial dentures put an end to unwanted friction and slippage. Our highly trained dentists at Erinwood Dental can place between two to eight implant posts to comfortably secure a partial denture.

Implant-supported full dentures– Patients who would otherwise require a full set of traditional dentures (upper and lower) will be glad to know that a much more comfortable option is available in the form of implant-supported full dentures. This procedure uses only a few implants to comfortably affix full dentures on both the upper and lower arch off the mouth. Compared to traditional dentures, patients experience better breathing, ease of chewing and fewer restrictions to their diet.

Implant Crowns – Sometimes, only one implant is needed for one tooth. In these instances, we simply add to the implant a porcelain crown that looks, feels, and functions very similarly to that of a tooth.

Keeping Implant Procedures Simple

At Erinwood Dental, we have the equipment and expertise to assist in every phase of implant-based restorations. Our 3-D imaging and molding process allows us to create a treatment plan custom-designed for your unique oral architecture. After your implants are placed, we facilitate the creation of customized permanent crowns (for single tooth restorations), bridges, or partial or full dentures.

With the advent of modern dental implant technology, dentures can be much more comfortable and less conspicuous as a dental implant restoration. By having your Mississauga dentists provide dental implants, you can enjoy the confidence and comfort of a smile which is virtually indistinguishable from a natural smile.

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