Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Children

Mississauga Family Dentist – Treating Children & Adolescent Patients

Drs. Ankit and Kunal Patel are able to treat the whole family, including children whose teeth have already erupted. Our practice utilizes some procedures and policies meant to help younger patients develop a beautiful smile. Erinwood Dental can treat the dental needs of children, as appropriate for each case, in Mississauga.

Introducing Children to the Dentist

Once your child’s teeth have grown in, visiting a dentist is important to maintain a healthy smile. However, children can easily become nervous of the dentist if they are not educated on what a dental visit is like; this discomfort can lead to the development of anxieties or phobias of the dentist, which in turn will make it less likely for the child to maintain a healthy smile throughout their life.

In order to prevent this discomfort and the development of anxieties, our Mississauga dentists encourage you to bring your child in to one of your own dental visits. By watching what a dental appointment looks like and having the dentists explain what they are doing throughout the procedure, your child can have a better understanding of what visiting the dentist entails. This understanding makes it more likely that children enjoy their own visit, absolving any fears of the dentist.

Fluoride Rinses and Sealants

Because they are just learning how to develop and maintain their oral hygiene routines, children are more susceptible to decay and will need more thorough assistance to keep their smile healthy. Our Mississauga dentists offer fluoride rinses and sealants for our younger patients to help them avoid decay.

Fluoride is a substance which helps the enamel of a tooth remineralize after sugar and improper oral care have left the enamel weakened. The fluoride rinse is a direct application of concentrated fluoride to your child’s teeth, strengthening the teeth even further against decay. The sealants our Mississauga dentist provides, on the other hand, are plastic covers for the molars which guard against decay. Because molars are harder to reach for brushing and flossing, these teeth are the most likely to develop cavities; sealing the molars with plastic blocks out bacteria and food particles to prevent decay.

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Erinwood Dental provides dental appointments and oral health procedures for children in Mississauga and the surrounding communities. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!