Why Fluoride Is Your Smile’s Friend!

Our teeth play an integral part in many of our daily activities, such as speaking, eating, and giving us a smile we’re proud to show off. Therefore, maintaining a healthy cleaning routine is critical in preventing cavities, plaque build-up, and gum diseases which compromise the structure and health of the teeth and gums. Our team of professional dental experts at Erinwood Dental in Mississauga are here to share why fluoride is so important for your smile!

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What to Expect If You Haven’t Been To The Dentist In A While

Your smile can be a great indicator of your overall health which is why visiting your dentist twice a year is so important. At Erinwood Dental, we want you to be in the know with what to expect from your first check up, if it’s been a while since we last saw you. Between a hectic schedule, and the demands of lockdown and restrictions, we applaud you for making the choice of prioritizing your oral health! Let’s take a look at what to expect, so your healthy and shining smile can be back in no time.

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What is a Dental Emergency?

Nothing bites more than tooth pain. However, it’s important to know the difference between an annoying ache, and a dental emergency. Discomfort can vary from person to person, but you should never feel the need to live in pain. You can feel confident knowing Erinwood Dental is only a call away should an emergency present itself!

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Stress Could Be Affecting Your Smile

These unprecedented times can be stressful, and we all feel the effects of stress at one point or another. However, did you realize that your smile could be feeling the effects, too? From gum inflammation to jaw problems, your day-to-day stress could be causing you certain oral health problems. Don’t worry, though! As your Mississauga dental office, the team here at Erinwood Dental is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a gorgeous and healthy smile.

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