Cosmetic Dentistry Mississauga

Cosmetic Dentistry Mississauga

Your smile is the first thing that people notice when they meet you. If you have dental problems, misaligned, missing or yellow teeth, you won’t look your best. Cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga improves your appearance and restores your smile. You will have the confidence to show your smile again.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry includes dental work that is designed to improve the look of your teeth, gums, and bite. It focuses on using dental techniques and materials to improve the color, size, and position of the teeth and therefore, improve your overall smile. The goal of cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga is to restore your teeth, so you have a beautiful smile. If you have misaligned teeth, the dentist will recommend straightening for better alignment. When you have missing teeth or teeth that have damage, the dentist will use restorative techniques to repair your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic and Restorative Options

Cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga includes a variety of options including veneers, composite fillings, bonding, inlays and onlays, crowns and bridges, dentures and a full mouth restoration. The first step is to visit the dentist for an examination and smile analysis. The dentist will evaluate your needs and discuss your options. Together you will decide on the best treatment plan for your particular dental issues. We use the latest technology and techniques to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

How Do Cosmetic Procedures Work?

Cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga is not painful. The dentist provides you with pain relief so you won’t feel a thing during the process. The dentist can complete many cosmetic and restorative procedures in just a couple of visits. The dentist places veneers over your teeth to provide a permanent resolution. If you have missing teeth, the dentist will use a bridge or dental implants to replace them with permanent structures. You may require several different methods to restore your teeth to their beautiful appearance. For example, teeth whitening is available to brighten your teeth and remove yellowing.

Improve Your Smile

You don’t need to live with an unattractive smile. A smile makeover will give you the confidence to smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious. Whether you want a complete smile makeover or need to whiten your teeth, we have the expertise to get the job done. In just a few visits to the dentist, we will transform your smile and make it better than ever. At Erinwood Dental, we have a team of several experienced dentists, assistants, and hygienists. We take care to make your visit to our office comfortable and relaxed. We have been providing high-quality dental services to families in the Mississauga area for more than 25 years. We offer a wide range of services, including cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga. Our compassionate team is here to make your visit stress-free. We have flexible hours and convenient appointments, including same and next day visits. We have free parking and WiFi. Contact Erinwood Dental to schedule your dental appointment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Mississauga
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