Dentures Mississauga

Dentures Mississauga

Missing teeth can cause low self-esteem as well as dental health issues. Nothing ruins a beautiful smile more than missing teeth. It is possible to replace missing teeth if only a few are gone. However, if multiple teeth are missing, it may be best to get dentures. A lot of people may groan and consider dentures to just be for the elderly. This is not true. More young people are getting dentures than ever before. While dentures are not the most comfortable, they are one way for you to keep your smile intact.

Getting dentures in Mississauga can be as easy as visiting Erinwood Dental. At Erinwood Dental, our team has vast experience in helping clients through the process of getting dentures. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about getting dentures.

The Process of getting Dentures

A preliminary examination will be required before you can start the process of getting dentures. Getting fit for dentures is not as simple as a quick trip to the dentist. To obtain a perfect fit that will not obstruct your current eating habits, you will need to make multiple visits. While this may sound like a pain in the neck, having a gorgeous smile and functional teeth is worth every visit.

The second step in getting dentures is having infected, rotten, or otherwise unhealthy teeth extracted. Once the unhealthy teeth are extracted, you will need a mold of your mouth. The mold is uncomfortable to wear, but it is best to have a perfect fit when it comes to your dentures.

Tweaking your Dentures for the Perfect Fit

Once the mold is made, the process of fitting your dentures begin. You can expect a few visits to simply tweak the dentures a bit so that they fit more comfortably in your mouth. It is important that your new dentures do not irritate your gums. Irritated gums can lead to sores in the mouth, which is never good. If properly taken care of, a pair of dentures can last as long as ten years.

The worst part of getting dentures depends on what makes you more uncomfortable. Getting a tooth pulled is never fun, even if you are numb to the process. The molds to make sure your dentures fit are uncomfortable as well. Getting dentures is not fun, but it is an investment in the quality of your smile.

Dentures in Mississauga

If you are looking to get dentures, turn to our staff at Erinwood Dental. We have been serving the local community since 1990. You can book an appointment with us online or by contacting our team via phone. We offer general dentistry services as well as cosmetic and restorative services. No one looks forward to getting dentures no matter what age they are.

Our team at Erinwood Dental will go above and beyond to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible while getting dentures. You can expect nothing but the best from our trained staff members.

Dentures Mississauga
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